Posting feature in Louisa AI

Share ideas, opportunities and achievements with their network

The Problem

Due to its strict compliance guidelines, Goldman Sachs lacked a secure posting solution for employees to collaborate and share ideas internally, resulting in fragmented communication and inefficiencies in workflow.

While employees had access to email, messaging platforms, and the ability to write blogs/topics, these methods were inadequate for addressing their need for seamless collaboration within the firm. These platforms only supported direct communication and did not facilitate social networking.

Since Louisa was the firm’s go-to platform for finding people with relevant skills and expertise, it only made sense that employees would want to share their thoughts and ideas here.

So, how did we solve the problem?

Every user profile in the Louisa platform has their skills and expertise mapped, which is very useful for sharing content.

Posting in Louisa allows you to share your thoughts and ideas with your network and other employees with relevant skills and expertise. Your posts are screened for restricted words and can be reported and reviewed if they are inappropriate. Your audience can engage with your posts by reacting, commenting and sharing them.

This way the posting feature in Louisa enabled user to share ideas and be collaborative with their audience while being compliant to the firms communication policies.

A Feature That Was Simple, Similar And Precise

Users could publish posts to their network and expand the reach by selecting the skill & expertise, mentioning people, departments/teams outside their network. This feature enabled users to target people precisely

Safe And Compliant

Our platform is designed to keep content secure, safe, and compliant. We have built-in checks to detect any restricted content, and we give you the option to make edits before posting. In case a published post is reported by another users we remove and review it immediately, restore if everything is okay.


The Louisa MAU increased steadily by an average of 28%. Posting was the third most used feature in the app, after search and profile updating. We also saw a 12% increase in sharing job posts, which showed more user engagement.

We learned that posting was a highly anticipated feature, this feature was praised highly by the recruiter community.